Site last updated: Thursday, March 27, 2008

Component Preparation Services

Component suppliers using INTOSERT Preparation Services are able to offer an enhanced service to their customers. By using ready prepared components, OEMs & CEMs will avoid the capital outlay in non-core operations and reduce manufacturing costs. This increased efficiency contributes to improved output and profit.

Our Tape and Reeling services include:

SURFACE MOUNT components
RADIAL leaded components*
AXIAL leaded components
* Also Fantold (Ammo) packing
Tape & Reeling to IEC, EIA & custom specifications.

The largest most comprehensive range of preform tooling available.

With in-house engineering and toolroom facilities we design and manufacture preform & taping solutions to all the standard & custom requirements of a dynamic production environment.

We manufacture Wire JUMPER LINKS in several wire gauges, supplied Axial Taped or Reeled or Preformed to your specification.

INTOSERT Ltd has a philosophy of QUALITY, SERVICE, ON TIME. Our quality standards apply equally to the product, Customer Service and Delivery. The standard is effectively set by those of our customers whose names have become synonymous with Quality and Profitability. By continually emphasising this philosophy, we have established a service that our customer can depend upon for their short, medium and long term requirements. When we do not have an immediate solution, our combined expertise and experience can offer various alternatives.